Little Mountain Goat on a Long Journey

Hello friends, if you are reading this you’ve stumbled across my page. I have been writing since before I can remember, and with the encouragement of my best friend not to let my talents shrivel up, I’ve committed to making this blog. I guess I didn’t really come into this game already knowing what my blog was going to be about, so this blog is going to be about a lot of things. My life, my poetry, how I feel about politics, games/shows/books, college, and relationships… I guess I’m just gonna put it all out on the table.

Hopefully it will help you guys get to know me better, and hopefully I can shape up my writing skills in the process 😉 since I am an English major. I plan to post daily blogs, about really anything my mind is on, and I’ll try to categorize posts as I go, though it’ll get a little messy (a reflection on the mess that is my life). Just try to bare with me and join me on my journey through the valleys and mountains of my life (lame metaphor right)!

A little about my blog title: in high school I had a friend who I nicknamed “mountain goat” because I always felt like she had her whole life planned and was going nowhere but up and up the mountain without ever falling down. I always admired her, and so I decided that thinking of myself as a mountain goat might encourage me to reach the same heights!