July 7, 2017

Getting back into the groove of writing every day is definitely a lot more tedious than I thought it would be. Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely not putting the same amount of effort into these posts as I would a regular essay (for that I’d pull out my arsenal of SAT words, and secret power of stretching out a sentence that could have been enumerated in fewer words– look I’m doing it here and now, I’m b.s.-ing). I like to think of the posts as mini essays or short responses that have thoughtful opinions in them. Feel free to disagree of course! I guess I’ve just become fatigued over the action of thinking critically, after all I’ve been a few weeks out of college, and my thinking cap has been off for quite a while. Hopefully the daily practice of writing every day will help prepare me for when Fall comes around and I have to write more intensely (yes I’m taking 4 upper division English and Writing courses).

Since my life in the summer has become somewhat monotonous, I don’t really have any significant life updates that I want to talk about, but I do have some discoveries that I made introspectively that I’d like to touch on. One thing that I was recently pressed with was a disagreement with my housemate that could have likely resulted in me leaving the house. Whereas I previously had a contract with the landlord, I know am now being sub-leased by her. Without going into too much detail, because she was now going to be in charge of the house and house rules there were a lot that I didn’t see eye-to-eye with her. Our disagreement escalated and I genuinely considered moving out, since I didn’t want to live in a home where all the house rules, rent, and rent rules were going to be changed. After a few days of separating myself from the disagreement however, I realized that I didn’t really want to move, and that if I could try to see from her perspective and ask she do the same, we might reach some sort of consensus. We talked, and that level playing field was reached, and we both walked away happy.

From that argument itself, I guess I really learned to keep my perspective open and hear out what she was trying to say while still trying to accomplish my own goals. Of course, I wasn’t being stubborn, there were a lot of compromises I made so that we could reach an agreement, but she did the same for my sake. This experience I had with her really instilled in me that being open-minded has its rewards. If you walk into an argument genuinely trying to see from the other person’s perspective and ask they do the same, you might both walk away from the argument happy.

Although this seems like a duh thing, its a lot harder to practice than it is in theory. I personally can let my emotions get the best of me when I’m in a disagreement with another person, and I know other people are the same. With my housemate, who was completely obstinate at first and unwilling to hear my argument, and I, using sort of accusatory language, the argument got pretty heated. I usually avoid conflict at all costs, but when it comes down to something that I believe is pertinent to my lifestyle, I will argue for my position. And sometimes that arguing is not always productive.

Anyways, I’m really happy how the argument was ultimately resolved, and I hope in the future I can deploy the same patience and willingness to understand another individual’s point of view.



July 6, 2017

So I decided that I would keep a daily diary of some sorts that just covers what I’ve accomplished throughout the day, maybe just little thoughts or feelings I have. I don’t want to put too much thought into these types of posts though. I know my best friend Warren has told me that when I think about writing to an audience, my writer’s voice gets a lot more pretentious and rigid like I’m writing an essay and really that’s the last thing that I want for a daily diary. I want to be able to write freely just as if I was talking regularly to a good friend, as I imagine all of you guys to be!

So, just a few updates about my life: I am a college student, so since it’s the summer I’ve been trying to keep busy by looking for a job, and have applied to multiple places. In the meantime, I’ve been just volunteering at various events and going to church functions, hanging out with friends, and trying to work out more, but above all that, trying to find the willpower to churn out more of my writing.

I suffered from extreme creative writer’s block for about a year after I got my heartbroken for the first time last year around this time, and I had really been using that as an excuse for not doing any creative projects. I would say that I used to write a lot of creative material, namely poetry with the occasional short story, but after that incident, I really couldn’t write anything at all. I had written a few poems leading up to the breakup and so I guess in my mind I had started to associate bad feelings with creative writing. And I really think I stunted my own growth as a writer. I mean, I was still writing academically, and growing there, but as far as creatively, when I mean I wrote nothing– I wrote nothing.

In an effort to reinvent myself this year though, I’m committed to being as prolific as I can, experimenting with all sorts of writing: politics, reviews, journaling, poetry, short stories– you name it. And maybe discover what I find a knack for later. As far as goals for this blog, I haven’t really cemented anything in. Warren recommended that I use this blog as a portfolio for my work as a writer, and focus on a singular topic like strictly politics, or strictly personal, etc. but I really don’t want to limit myself in terms of what I want to create and publish, unless I find myself really enjoying that particular topic. Above all, I’m really just trying to gauge my own abilities, so be prepared for posts across the spectrum!